Service Terms and Conditions

1. To process an order, the Customer must leave a request on the Site, specifying their name and contact phone number.

The Contractor contacts the Customer and clarifies all the necessary information about the tourist services of interest. Based on this information, the Contractor forms a program of tourist services, indicating the services provided, the terms of their execution and the cost.

The order form, with an assigned unique number and the program of tourist services, is sent to the Customer for approval at the e-mail address provided. In case changes are mde, the order form is corrected and sent back to the Customer before the final agreement.

After the order has been confirmed, the Customer, indicates the order number and the amount through the payment form on the Site, and makes a 100% deposit.

After making payment, the Customer provides the Contractor with the following data: name, passport scans.

The Contractor is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Customer at registration.

2. The Contractor informs the Customer about all the conditions of the booking, including the conditions for refusing services and making any changes to the Order.

3. The Contractor must confirm the travel conditions with the Tour Operator, who organized the Tourist Service, on the basis of the issued Customer's Order.

After a successful payment of the Order by the Customer, the required set of documents (transportation documents, a voucher for accommodation in the relevant accommodation facility, an e-insurance policy, a voucher for transportation services and other documents) is formed. Documents can be formed in stages, but in any case will be transferred to the Customer 24 hours before the beginning of the provision of tourist services. The set of documents is sent to the Customer's e-mail, specified when placing an Order.

3.1. Tourist services may require additional confirmation of the possibility of booking and executing the Order from the relevant service provider selected by the Customer. In this case, after the Contractor receives the correctly executed Order and / or payment thereon, the Contractor sends a corresponding request to the Tour Operator and upon receipt of confirmation from the latter, the Contractor sends a set of documents stipulated in part 2 of paragraph 3 of this Agreement to the Customer's e-mail. In case the Contractor receives a refusal from the Tour Operator, including when the Tour Operator changes the cost of the tourist service, the money received by the Contractor from the Customer in the payment for such Order (if payment was made) is refunded to the Customer's account in accordance with the refund policy.

3.2. The Contractor does not guarantee the possibility of the Tourist obtaining a visa to the country of entry.

4. All conditions of the Order, including the possibility of making changes to the issued Orders, the cancellation of the reserved services, as well as other conditions of services included in the relevant Tourist Service, are governed by this Offer, the rules of the Tour Operator and the providers of the relevant services, the current legislation of the Russian Federation, and also applicable international standards.

5. All information exchange between the Parties regarding the Order and fulfillment of other obligations under this Agreement is executed via e-mail address indicated by the Customer upon registration. In this regard, the Customer undertakes the responsibility to regularly monitor the current status of his/her Order by e-mail, in order to obtain information on possible changes, and, if necessary, to contact the the Contractor for information by the phone number indicated on the Site.

Responsibility for any consequences arising from the Customer or the Tourist lacking information about changes in the Order that occurred due to reasons beyond the Performer's authority (cancellation or postponement of the flight, cancellation of the reservation by the Placement Object, late payment of the Order for any reason, change of tariffs) shall be borne by the Customer, provided that the Contractor complies with the procedure for notifying the Customer of any changes in the Order.

6. Specifics of using the services of accommodation Facilities that are part of the tourist service.

6.1. Check-in and check-out time is set by the relevant Facility unilaterally. The time of arrival, in most accommodation Facilities, is from 14:00 to 15:00 local time of the Facility, the standard cheeck-out time from the rooms is from 10:00 to 12:00 p.m. local time, however this rule does not apply to all accommodation Facilities, thus, the Customer or the Tourist should independently clarify the information on the check-in and check-out time set at the Facility chosen by the Operator or by contacting the Facility directly.

6.2. The indication in the description of the Facility of healing treatment procedures does not imply an obligatory, guaranteed presentation of all or some of the listed procedures to the Tourist. Medical treatment procedures are usually carried out after a consultation with specialists of the Facility and at the discretion of the relevant specialists in accordance with the medical indicators of the Tourist, while the Executor can not influence the decision of the specialists and is not responsible for their decisions and actions. In case of refusal to provide the Tourist with treatment procedures, the Contractor shall not recalculate the cost of the Order.

6.3. The executor warns about the absence of a single official classification of hotels on the Site, hotel categories are designated at the discretion of Tour Operators, based on generally accepted International Standards. The classification of facilities is conditionally accepted in the host country.

7. Specifics of using the services of air carriers that are part of the Tourist Service.

7.1. One Order (both for the Contractor and for other service providers) must be issued for one passenger by the same parameters (date, route, airline, flight), in order to avoid the display of a "double" booking prohibited by airlines in the Booking System. Airlines (service providers) reserve the right, at their discretion, to cancel the reservation and not allow the passengers who made a "double" booking to be transported. The Executor has the right to cancel one of these or all reservations in the Orders when they are found and is not responsible for any consequences related to the Customer's registration of more than one Order per passenger by the same parameters, including if at the time of the re-booking the original reservation was not paid.

7.2. If the Order does not specify that the flight is carried out by a regular flight, the air carriage is carried out by a charter flight. In this case, the air carrier, the airport of departure and the time of departure are indicated as approximate and may be changed no later than one day before the commencement of rendering of services included in the Tourist Service, as the Contractor notifies the Customer by e-mail and / or by telephone specified in the Order. The customer can be provided with a service of specification of the flight, which is not included in the Tourist service cost, and consists in obtaining a guarantee of the flight by a specific flight chosen by the Customer (the choice of airport and departure / arrival time is not included in the service). The executor of the service of specification is the Tour Operator or air carrier.

8. Specifics of using the services of railway carriers included in the tourist service.

8.1. An electronic railway ticket is not a travel document. To carry out transportation, the Customer or the Tourist must undergo "Electronic Registration" if provided such an opportunity by the carrier or obtain a travel document on the established OJSC "RZD" form.

9. Specifics of the use of insurance services included in the tourist service.

9.1. All payments under the insurance contract concluded between the Customer or the Tourist and the Insurer, namely the payment of insurance amounts in case of an insured event and in other cases provided for by the insurance contract, is performed directly between the Customer or the Tourist and the Insurer, without the Contractor's participation, in accordance with the terms of the insurance contract, concluded in the form of an "electronic" insurance policy, issued in accordance with the Order for the Tourist Service.
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